Welcome to the oasis of the Science Park where you can fuel your innovation and creativity with coffee and cake. We are the informal among the formal where everything is a bit more relaxed.

Come to us when you are in need of somewhere to escape to that isn’t your office (or your manager’s office). We even have picnic benches outside if you’re feeling a bit al fresco.


Between 12 and 2 we become a hive of hustle and activity, but there is almost always a free table! Pop by if you are in need of a sandwich, jacket potato, salad or panini. We also stock plenty of snacky bits and pieces to keep you going later in the day too. Please do not overlook the cakes and caramel slices; they come highly recommended by... well, everyone.


We are happy to cater for your meetings and events and will deliver to any meeting room or office on the Science Park. We only ask two working days notice to get our act together.

See our catering packages here


Birthday / anniversary card emergency?? Don’t panic! We have greeting cards, pens and first class stamps; because we care about you and where you spend your coffee breaks.