Let's Talk Funding

Tuesday 29th May, 5.00pm-7.00pm

For any start-up or early-stage business, access to appropriate funding at the right time is fundamental to the potential growth and success of the business.

This event on Tuesday 29th May at Southampton Science Park brings together a panel with the expertise and experience to advise how best to navigate the complex funding landscape and help early-stage businesses understand what type of funding is right for them, and how to go about successfully obtaining it.

The panel will explain how different funding streams, from crowdfunding and angel investors to venture capitalists and banks, can help your business to fulfil its growth potential.

David Bream, Director of SETsquared Southampton, will chair the panel comprising Katy Levitt, SyndicateRoom; Henri Songeur, Puma Investments; and Mark Walker, Barclays Bank.

  • 17:00 Introduction and welcome (David Bream)
  • 17:10 Funding streams - pros and cons (The Panel)
  • 17:45 Open forum discussion (Chaired by David Bream)
  • 18:30 Networking buffet
  • 19:00 Close

Note that tickets for this event are refundable if you attend, but if you don't attend your order will not be refunded. Therefore, provided you show up for the event itself, it's FREE!

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