Can you help bring power and water to villages in India?

25 March 2018

Science Park company SEaB Energy has launched a campaign to raise £180,000 in a bid to bring power and water to villages in India.

The scheme will see its innovative Village Flexibuster turn on-site organic waste and sewage sludge into renewable energy, water and fertiliser, while helping to generate an income stream, improve skills and create employment in the area.

Sandra Sassow of SEaB Energy said: “In the developed world, we take for granted that we have access to electricity at the press of a button and fresh water at a turn of a tap. For millions of people in rural communities across the globe the reality is much different. Our vision is to empower these communities with technology that not only provides them with these two basic necessities but also, potentially, recurring revenue streams from the surplus energy sold back to the grid and from saleable organic fertiliser.”

As a partner of the Berkeley - Andhra Smart Village Project (a joint initiative between the state government of Andhra Pradesh in India, and the University of California - Berkeley), SEaB Energy is hoping to deploy its first Village Flexibusters soon. This forms the start of a state-wide implementation across thousands of villages of Andhra Pradesh, and can subsequently be replicated in different countries governed by similar conditions.

The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise awareness of the project, to bring supporters together and raise the necessary funds to get it off the ground. To back the campaign, visit the Kickstarter campaign page and help spread the word.