Mobile Onboard empowers passengers

17 November 2017

Mobile Onboard has announced the launch of a new service designed to give power to passengers and take the guesswork out of using public buses. The smartphone app, smartLINK, is a real-time passenger communication system, providing up-to-the-minute information on bus locations, times, journey planning and service disruptions.

The system complements the company’s full range of products and technologies designed for public transport operators and users. As such, it integrates seamlessly with its mobile ticketing solution so that customers can access the latest information and purchase tickets from a single app. It also works with Mobile Onboard’s updated talking bus platform, Beam Next Stop, which provides personal destination stop alerts directly to passengers’ mobile phones.

Public transport operators are set to benefit from this innovation too, by enhancing the customer experience from ticket purchase through to journey completion. Indeed, there is also the option to take the technology further by adopting Mobile Onboard’s Beam smartLINK system: this presents real-time arrival and departure information on large screens - ideal for operators offering park and ride or commuter services from key locations.