DISCnet to boost data science employment

17 November 2017

Southampton University has joined forces with some of the South’s other leading universities to establish DISCnet (Data Intensive Science Centre in the South East Physics Network): a Centre for Doctoral Training of PhD students that have a professional interest in the new discipline of data science. It is one of eight being established across the country.

DISCnet will be a sustainable centre of innovative education, training and research in data intensive science for postgraduate students with a physics-related background. Data intensive science is rapidly growing what has already become a huge influence on the development of global society and economics.

Brian Luff, Chairman of CRITICAL Software, is chairing the DISCnet advisory board. He commented: “A key aspiration is to ensure that the PhDs emerging at the end of their four years in the programme are equipped to take their skills and expertise into the broadest possible range of industries. Their skills are extremely transferable and we want to provide them with alternatives to a career in their original academic disciplines.”

One way that DISCnet will do this is through internship placements with data-intensive projects in the summer of 2018. If you are interested in participating, contact DISCnet’s Placement Committee Chairman, Professor Bob Nichol via bob.nichol@port.ac.uk. Placements will be organised in a series of rounds, so check with DISCnet for closing dates.