BluPoint Crowd Surfs

11 November 2017

Science Park tenant and Catalyst Centre graduate BluPoint is set to scale its operations through investment from a new equity crowdfunding scheme. Such is the interest in its game-changing innovation that it has already raised over £1million in funding to date through Innovate UK and angel investors. This new phase of investment will enable the business to recruit additional resources and respond to the requirements of a global marketplace as it pursues an ambitious target of improving the lives of 20 million people in 20,000 communities by 2020. 

Over half the world’s population is not connected to the internet and is missing out on schooling, health and news; things that most of us take for granted. Blupoint – a University of Southampton tech spinout formed in 2015 – has invented a robust offline internet solution to reach the 4 billion people excluded from the digital revolution.

Blupoint delivers vital information and services to offline and off-grid remote communities through solar powered offline technology. This technology enables organisations to distribute on-demand content to users anywhere (even if there is no electricity or Internet), on any device (including radios and basic feature phones), incredibly fast and with no data cost to the user. It has been successfully deployed in India and six African countries to date.

The new Seedrs fundraising campaign will continue the company’s success story, as Dr Mike Santer, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, explains: “We have proven technology that works, we have customers that are serving global markets and we are developing partnerships for implementation, sales and manufacturing. We target global businesses, governments and development organisations who are seeking to build capacity, initially in sub-Saharan Africa and India. Our addressable markets include: commercial (retail, supply chain, entertainment, corporate social responsibility, education, health, agriculture and humanitarian response. I'd encourage all interested to come and join our journey by visiting our campaign on the SEEDRS site.”

To find out more visit the website:, and to lend your support to the funding campaign, click here: