Mobile Onboard’s Game Changing Transport Technology

10 September 2017

Mobile Onboard has partnered with The Kings Ferry, Kent’s leading luxury commuter coach service, to deliver a smart ticketing system across its entire fleet. The solution meets the client’s brief to achieve a cashless, paperless ticket system on-board its vehicles.

The system comprises a dedicated mobile ticketing app combined with mTicketr smart ETMs with barcode scanners. This is complemented by an integrated back-office reporting and management tool which generates detailed custom reporting and ticket sales data.

Barcode validation of mobile tickets on buses and coaches is becoming a common requirement from transport operators. Notably quicker and more accurate than visual confirmation by the driver it delivers a smoother and more efficient passenger boarding experience while maximising revenue and generating valuable data collection.

Mobile Onboard’s mTicketr HT-5000 is a critical part of the system deployed. The low cost handheld device quickly validates mobile tickets with QR codes and automatically updates passenger counts each time a valid ticket is scanned. If a scanned ticket fails validation it will provide full details of the ticket and even a photo of the passenger who bought the ticket. With an excellent battery life the unit can easily perform all day before it needs recharging and it is constantly connected either via bus wi-fi or by a data SIM in a handheld device.

Mobile Onboard’s Corbin Adler says: “The Kings Ferry’s new smart ticketing solution showcases the company’s vision to lead the way in providing a better service to commuters while getting data that enables them to improve their commuter services into London. For us, providing the mobile ticketing, powering the smart ticket machines and powering a smart ticketing infrastructure highlights how incredibly scalable and powerful our ticketing platform, MyMobileTickets, has become.”

Peter Birkett, the Science Park’s CEO, commented: “This is an excellent example of how emerging technologies can be joined up to amplify the benefits for customer and consumer alike. This type of consumer-friendly technology has the potential to be a game changer in public transportation.”