Tonic Analytics collaborates with Impatech

Fri 21st July 2017

Tonic Analytics and Impactech, the University of Southampton’s applied research interface with industry, are collaborating on a project to understand the effects of air quality on aircraft system reliability.

Aircraft technical faults result in huge impacts across the global economy. 
A Federal Aviation Administration study estimated that flight delays cost the airline industry $8bn a year, much of it due to increased spending on crews, fuel and maintenance. However, delays cost passengers even more – nearly $17bn.

Around one third of all delays are attributable to the airline itself (rather than weather, security or air traffic for example) and, of these, the majority are due to aircraft technical issues. It is believed that operating in regions with poor air quality can expose vital aircraft systems to environments that adversely affect their reliability.

By collaborating on this project with the University through Impactech, Tonic Analytics aims to deploy additional capabilities to its existing analytics intensive cloud-based predictive maintenance services. Ultimately, this will reduce disruption to airline operations while also enabling supply chains to better understand the life expectancy of on-wing components.