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Funding: Making the most of grants and awards

Wed 7th June 2017

There are many grants and awards available to new businesses, but the funding landscape can be complex and daunting, particularly for start-ups and SMEs. 

At this ENGAGE event, running in partnership with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network, a team of experts will break down the breadth, depth and scale of today’s grant funding landscape, whilst advising how businesses can make the most of the recognition that comes from national awards.

Primarily focusing on healthcare business, our speakers will impart advice that’s applicable to other industries as they suggest how companies can best present and position themselves for grants and funding and awards. 


Kev Brooks

Director/Senior Project Consultant at BrooksKebbey Ltd, Kev runs the Funding Support Service for Wessex Academic Health Science Network. He will provide a broad overview of the grant funding landscape for businesses in the UK.

Joop Tanis

Director of the Small Business Research Initiative’s Healthcare Programme, and an innovation and entrepreneurship consultant in health and social care at Health Enterprise East, Joop will advise companies how to get the most out of business development grants; using SBRI as an example.

Rachel Dominey

Associate Director of Wealth & Enterprise at Wessex AHSN, Rachel is a national award-winner, speaker, industry judge and a renowned project leader. She will offer advice how companies can use awards as a launchpad not only to spread innovation, but for PR and for peer and industry validation.


At this free event, each speaker will share their experience and tips before an audience Q&A.

With such a popular topic, we expect spaces to fill up quickly, so register for FREE via eventbrite.