Senior Automotive Analytics Developer

Senior Automotive Analytics Developer

Contract Type: Full Time, Permanent
Salary: £30,000 - £35,000
Additional Benefits: Shares in Dynamon via Share Options
Location: University of Southampton Science Park, Southampton, UK

Dynamon is looking for a Senior Automotive Analytics Developer to join their friendly team of dedicated individuals. You will work alongside software developers and senior management to build a service that will revolutionise the efficiency of logistics. You will lead the development of analytics which will be used to model the performance of vehicles in the real world, analyse large datasets, and make recommendations of efficiency improvements.

Key Attributes Required:

• A pragmatic understanding of the real world.

 • A fundamental understanding of physics and related mathematics.

 • A fundamental understanding of data analysis and statistics.

 • Enjoys continuous learning and self-improvement.

 • Works well as part of a team.

 • Has experience of mathematical modelling in the time domain (simulation).

 • Can write code which others can use and understand.

Preferable Qualifications/Skills:

 • Degree or PhD in a relevant field, such as engineering.

 • Python coding or an equivalent technical language.

 • Databases and APIs.

 • Cloud computing.

 • Has worked with other software developers.

Why work for Dynamon?
Dynamon is spin-out from the University of Southampton with high ambitions. You will be joining them at an early stage and taking part in their adventure to improve the efficiency of logistics.

Logistics is one of the most important industries in the world – every man-made object has travelled via logistics. Therefore, logistics affects the cost and environmental impact of everything. At Dynamon, they think logistics can be more efficient, and are building a team to solve this problem around the world.

As an employee of Dynamon, you will have full responsibility and ownership of your work; you will be working in an innovative environment; you will have the opportunity to accelerate and shape your career as Dynamon grows.

For further information, please contact Dr Angus Webb:

To apply please send your CV and brief cover letter to