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SEaB Energy goes west with Mayor

Tue 10th January 2017

SEaB Energy recently joined Sadiq Khan in New York and Chicago as part of a 30-strong international trade delegation, meeting US dignitaries and investors as part of the London Mayor’s International Business Programme. 

Companies exhibiting high growth with big business-to-business potential were selected to join the Mayor for key meetings with major business players, and the Mayors of Chicago and New York: Rahm Emanuel and Bill de Blasio.

Including its innovative Muckbuster® and Flexibuster™, SEaB offers compact, turnkey solutions for turning an organisation’s food and bio-waste into energy, water and fertiliser on site thanks to patented anaerobic digestion systems set in shipping containers. 

The company’s mission is to eliminate the costly and harmful movement of waste, and provide waste producers with a continuous revenue stream that becomes cost-effective within two years.

With the transatlantic trip resulting in two new contracts, Sandra Sassow, Chief Executive at SEaB said: “We have already experienced how valuable the Mayor’s International Business Programme is in helping us grow in the US, having participated earlier this year in the Female Founders International Visit to Silicon Valley. 

“Now, having secured a number of customer orders in the US, the purpose of this second visit was to explore further opportunities in localising our production in the US, as well as meeting with potential distribution and maintenance partners.”