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Kelda Technology set for Global Expo 2017

Tue 10th January 2017

Kelda Technology fought off stiff competition to be selected as one of the world’s top 30 cleantech companies, winning the opportunity to participate in Global Expo 2017 - the largest international exhibition of its kind. 

Global Expo’s event theme for 2017 is ‘Future Energy’, and it’s the perfect platform for Kelda Technology to showcase its unique shower system which uses half the amount of water and energy of a traditional shower - significantly reducing water bills and a property’s carbon footprint. 

Adrian Mosley, Marketing Director at Kelda Technology said: “We’ve reinvented the shower. Our’s is the greenest shower on the planet, delivering 2.4 times the spray force, which users love, yet using half the water.”

Chris Jackson, Chief Executive, added: “Our water-efficient showers can save a typical gym 180,000 litres of water per shower per year – that’s over £1,800 per shower per year in water and heating costs. Other heavy users of water such as hospitals, student accommodation providers and leisure sites can also benefit greatly.”

Global Expo 2017 is set for Kazakhstan from June to September and will welcome five million visitors across 175 acres of innovation pavilions.