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Swedish Biomimetics 3000® comes to Southampton

Tue 14th June 2016

We recently welcomed Swedish Biomimetics 3000® (“SB3000”) to the Science Park. The Company was founded in Sweden in 2004 by serial entrepreneur Lars Uno Larsson with a wholly owned subsidiary SB3000 Ltd formed in 2007. The UK subsidiary’s Research and Technology Development Laboratory and Office is based at the Hethel Engineering Centre in Norwich while its UK Corporate Office is here in Southampton.

SB3000 takes inspiration from nature (biomimetics) to develop patentable, radical and disruptive technologies into commercially viable industrial applications, with significant and positive environmental impact. The vision is to provide the pharmaceutical industry with peptide active ingredients by 2018. Peptides are of particular interest in the pharmaceutical industry for targeting disease due to their high target specificity, high potency and their biodegradation to amino acids in the body. To date, two major barriers have impeded their adoption: high costs of production and route of administration. While there have been significant improvements in the latter, the challenge of high production costs remains.

SB3000’s technology, Micro-Lot (µLOT®), is the first major disruption in therapeutic peptide manufacturing in the past 50 years. Until now, therapeutic peptides have been manufactured using batch processing which can result in promising drugs being abandoned and approved drugs not reaching middle or low income markets, the risk of variable quality, long development times and supply volatility. µLOT®’s innovative, biomimetically inspired, pharmaceutical manufacturing technology enables continuous production which will address all of these problems.