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Science Park welcomes Inflowmatix

Tue 19th April 2016

Inflowmatix has relocated to the Science Park from Imperial College London. The Company is developing new technology that will change the way water companies monitor, analyse and optimise the operation of their water supply networks.

Its technology includes new data loggers with on-board analytics, which when combined with hydraulic computing and data management, is resulting in the development of integrated solutions for resilient, adaptive and ‘calm’ networks.

CEO Steve George said: “Imperial College is a remarkable place to seed a business which we initiated last year. Originally located within the Incubator, we shared our passion to create with other businesses who I am sure will go on to succeed in their own rights. In looking for the next location to grow our business we looked for access to a great talent pool, excellent amenities and accessibility for clients. Two of our company founders had already worked on the Science Park and after extensive research we confirmed that this is a great place to grow a business”.

The Company is currently engaged with several major water companies in the UK as it continues to develop new products and is already looking at overseas opportunities. Steve George goes on to say: “These are challenging times for water operators both here in the UK and across the world. Changes in climate and water demand within an ageing network infrastructure means there are significant challenges in providing clean, drinkable water. Here at Inflowmatix, we are pioneering new technologies that will enable water companies to be proactive in their management of this resource. We are excited at the opportunity to make a real difference in how they operate their networks and ultimately benefit their customers”.

Inflowmatix took up residency in the New Year and can be found at 1 Venture Road.