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ENGAGE - Intellectual Property Seminar

Mon 8th February 2016

Do you ever worry about your company’s intellectual property (IP) and whether it’s well enough protected? All businesses, especially those working with new science and technologies, should take their IP seriously but it’s a complex subject and, without advice from experts, costly mistakes can be made. In contrast, research has shown that firms that apply for trademarks are not only safeguarding and adding financial value to the business, but they are also 7% more productive than those that do not. 

We are delighted to welcome Kelly Wren from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to the Science Park for our latest ENGAGE event. She’ll be explaining the importance of protecting IP rights and covering all relevant topics including trademarks, patents, design rights and copyright. She’ll go through which intellectual property is automatically assigned and which you need to apply for, and how to do so. 

It’s part of the IPO’s strategic aim to support government plans to bolster British innovation and our booming creative sector. Nearly 31,000 businesses have attended IPO sessions in the last year alone, with 91% of attendees confirming an increase in their knowledge as a result. 

To reserve your place at this free event, book now via our Eventbrite page here.