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Colva Ltd Joins the SolidFire Cloud Builder Partner Programme

Sat 26th September 2015

Southampton Science Park-based IT reseller Colva Ltd recently announced that it has joined the SolidFire Cloud Builder Partner Programme.With SolidFire as its preferred vendor for all-flash storage systems, Colva demonstrates it has the necessary knowledge, skills and training to advise its customers and help them transition to the Next Generation Data Centre.

Ashley Fernandes, company director at Colva, says, “We have been looking for the right partner in the all-flash storage market. Our customers are driving the need for us to provide the latest technology within budget to meet today’s and future infrastructure, data centre and cloud requirements. SolidFire is the best fit for our customers. Partnering with SolidFire gives us the ability to offer our clients the market-leading all-flash array solution.”

SolidFire was born out of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and purpose-built to deliver guaranteed performance from a multi-tenant infrastructure. Traditional spinning disk was never designed to guarantee performance, even with tiered architectures, and siloed, scale-up SSD point solutions for each application are cost-prohibitive and inefficient. SolidFire re-architected everything, developing the only storage architecture built specifically to guarantee true Quality of Service (QoS). It received the highest score for overall use case in Gartner’s 2015 Critical Capabilities for Solid-State Arrays¹ (3.6 out of 5) for the second consecutive year and was again recognised as a Visionary in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays.² This makes SolidFire an absolute must for any organisation considering an all-flash solution.

Ian Cooper, SolidFire sales director, EMEA Partners, said, “We operate with only a select number of partners in the U.K. and always look to work with companies that share our passion and desire to offer the best technology solutions to their customers. Colva Ltd has shown the right promise and commitment to delivering our industry-leading  all-flash solutions to enable its customers to smoothly transition to the Next Generation Data Centre.” 

The SolidFire Cloud Builder Partner Programme includes an elite group of solutions providers, systems integrators and value-added resellers that have established expertise within the domains of storage, virtualisation and cloud infrastructure. The programme has been designed to recognise partners’ expertise, reward them for the total impact they have in the marketplace and deliver value to help their businesses thrive. It equips its partners with the tools and resources to develop, market and sell validated cloud deployment solutions that are more cohesive, automated and dynamically scalable for their customers.