The Climate Roadshow comes to Southampton Science Park

Tue 22nd May 2012

The Climate Roadshow visited Southampton Science Park today on the Southampton leg of its UK tour. The roadshow evolved to showcase the efforts of both individuals and companies who are facilitating growth in the cleantech and green industries, and its visit was perfectly timed to co-ordinate with the launch of our “cleantech cluster”, a group of businesses on the park focused on the cleantech industry, including SEaB, i2O Water, Ilika and The Olive Consultancy.

The visit included a meeting in Lattes on the Science Park, and a tour of the Muckbuster from Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy for all the guests, including chairman of two environmental parliamentary groups, Alan Whitehead MP. The Climate Roadshow concluded its tour of Southampton with a public discussion at Sir James Matthew Building, Guildhall Square later that day.
Peter Birkett, Chief Executive of the Science park said “The Climate Roadshow visit has been a great opportunity for the cleantech companies based on the park to get together to discuss their views on the future of cleantech, and to display their expertise in the field. Southampton Science Park are proud to have so many tenants at the forefront of the cleantech industry. There are a growing number of tenants in the cleantech sector on the Science Park, and we are delighted to provide a place for them to grow amongst like minded companies. We offer them a full range of support services to enable them to grow and develop, and show our commitment to an environmentally responsible future by taking measures to ensure our own cleantech developments are as innovative as the businesses of our tenants."