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Managing Collaboration with the University

Wed 25th February 2015

Partnering with universities enables businesses to access the cutting edge research activities relevant in both their own field and beyond. The students, post-graduates and academic researchers are both a repository of knowledge and mechanism for translation of research outcomes. University-business collaborations enable businesses to influence the design of taught courses and provide a mechanism for business to ensure graduates are developing the skills required by the sector.

As a vital part of the skills and innovation supply chain, universities offer to business the opportunity to connect with the most advanced knowledge and facilities in the field. Close collaboration fosters long term strategic partnerships which position business at the centre of a university enabling maximum access to skills, talent and technology which would be otherwise unavailable.

Tom Carr – Zepler Institute
The Zepler Institute is a multidisciplinary research centre for electronics, photonics, nanoscience and quantum technologies.

Simon Gerrard - Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute
SMMI is a unique internationally recognised centre of excellence, bringing together research, innovation and education communities from universities, research institutes, industry and governments. A unique cross-disciplinary spectrum covering; engineering & environmental science, ocean & earth sciences, marine technology & industrial dynamics, maritime archaeological research, fluid structure interactions and maritime law.

Alex Mant – Institute for Life Sciences
The Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) fosters cross-campus interdisciplinary research links related to the life sciences. The Institute is grounded around 4 grand challenges:  New Pathways to Health, Life Technologies, Global Change Systems and Cycles, Human Nexus.

Ben Jones – Aerospace & Defence
Aerospace and Defence is a broad sector encompassing high technology engineering, manufacturing, design, intelligent and autonomous systems across commercial aviation, space, defence and aerodynamic vehicles as well as downstream applications and upstream subsystems, components, materials and processes.

Brigitte Lavoie - Health and Pharma
From molecular diagnostics, therapeutics and immunology to patient care; the interdisciplinary life sciences bioengineering and social health research is at the forefront of global health and healthcare improvement and discoveries.

Nikki Matthews – Sustainability & Environment
Environment and Sustainability: Focusing on new technologies, public and consumer behaviour and business practices across the many industries that are included environment and sustainability sectors.

Carol Watts – Infrastructure
Infrastructure: Those facilities, systems, sites and networks necessary for the functioning of the country and the delivery of essential services upon which daily life in the UK depends, spanning communications, emergency services, energy, financial services, food, government, health, transport and water sectors.

Luke Keelan – ICT
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) encompasses software, hardware and the process by which information is exchanged between physical and virtual systems.

Jackie Milne – Interdisciplinary
The University of Southampton has established a number of interdisciplinary research groups to develop cross-faculty, interdisciplinary initiatives. These University Strategic Research Groups (USRGs) address key national and international priority research areas towards understanding and alleviating some of society's global challenges, including climate change, population growth, ensuring energy and food supply, a healthy ageing of citizens and lifestyle diseases. Newly formed groups focus on autonomous systems, reducing CO2 emissions and combatting increasing microbial resistance.

This event will be held in Conference Room 6 in Kenneth Dibben House at 12.30pm - 1.30pm.
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