A Cleantech vision for the Science Park A Cleantech vision for the Science Park

Tue 26th June 2012

Establishing ourselves as a model of environmental best practice for the Southern region is something that we at Southampton Science Park take very seriously. Our cleantech strategy requires support and connections if it is to grow, and it is important that we seize opportunities to work with, as well as nurturing and supporting, the cleantech businesses of the future.

We are delighted to be able to capitalise on existing expertise amongst Park tenants to help secure a clean, green future for the Science Park. As well as an ongoing review of environmental improvements at the Science Park, Park tenant, Olive has reinforced links with local and regional low carbon and cleantech initiatives that represent key opportunities for the Science Park and tenants.

A recent collaboration with SEaB Energy has provided further evidence of the Park’s commitment to making the benefits of innovative green technology available to tenants, with the recent onsite installation of their compact anaerobic digester, the MUCKBUSTER®.

The cleantech vision for the Science Park embraces the concept of providing every business on the Park with the benefits of harnessing renewable energy where possible. Additionally, the Park Management is committed to providing a forum for cleantech businesses themselves to meet and collaborate. The newly formed Cleantech Cluster will allow these businesses to share their expertise and work together to support both their own growth, and that of the businesses they service.

Taking steps, however small, towards tackling climate change, and supporting the move towards an environmentally responsible future provides tangible benefits for organisations in any sector, not just those engaged in cleantech activities. At base level, taking measures to harness renewable energy leads to reduced power, heating and lighting costs, and on a wider scale, a visible commitment to supporting global environmental sustainability adds much to the reputation of the organisation itself. The Science Park is perfectly placed here to provide a supportive and sustainable environment for existing and future tenants who share the vision, independent of their business sector.