Profit from Risk Seminar

Profit from Risk Seminar

Thu 22nd January 2015

The University of Southampton Science Park will host a seminar that will help you to take a new look at risk. Perhaps you are living with it? Trying to avoid it? Enjoy taking it? How much risk would you consider to gain £1m? Whatever your perspective, there are great business advantages in understanding risk, factoring its power and harnessing it to your advantage.

Risk is all too often perceived as a negative, something to be avoided or as a source of expense, administration, diversion and cost to your business. But risk is also a source of growth, opportunities, competitive advantage, market share and improved profits. This seminar will open your minds to the upside of risk, helping you see opportunity and threats in a new light, as well as discussing the impact of down-side risk.

Come and hear some thought provoking insights from your facilitators, Future Dynamix, who will explore how risk impacts your business and discuss how better understanding and responsiveness to risks can improve results. This will help you think about how you live with risk, adapt to it and identify better ways to benefit from it. Why not share your own experiences about the challenge and rewards of taking risk and join in a thought provoking discussion with other delegates? 


Alan Parsonson and Guy Whitaker have managed and worked with a portfolio of companies across the size, growth and risk spectrum in a wide range of markets. Future Dynamix provide innovative new thinking about the evaluation of risk and provide a methodology that will help you quantify risk, become better able to cope with expected change and unexpected events and improve business returns.

This event will be held in Conference Room 4 at 5pm - 6.30pm. Tickets are FREE for this event, however you will need to reserve a ticket, to do so please visit:

Coffee and buffet food will be provided.