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Vital connections between University of Southampton students and its Science Park

Mon 20th October 2014

Science Park tenants get many benefits, one of which is access to some of the top talent coming out of one of the best universities in England. Many resident companies take on interns from the University of Southampton over the summer months to boost knowledge, cover increased workloads and, most importantly, look for future staff. 

Triggered Messaging, a company that specialises in real-time marketing aimed at reducing the amount of abandoned online shopping carts, has taken on eight interns from the university over the past three years. CEO Mike Austin commented: “Having access to some of the brightest minds coming out of The University of Southampton is hugely beneficial to us. The placement team does an excellent job of finding the right interns for us, which, as a small business, is efficient and effective. I believe that it’s also a brilliant opportunity for the interns - they learn new skills, gain crucial experience for their CV and have the opportunity to prove themselves to a potential employer whilst earning money over the summer.” 

Cascoda, a semiconductor start-up, has also taken on two interns over the past few years. The interns have worked on special projects that would otherwise be too far in the future to focus on, or that need specialist skills to implement. Bruno Johnson, CEO of Cascoda, said: “The most valuable aspect of having interns, from our point of view, has got to be the advantages in terms of recruitment - it’s effectively a three-month interview process. We gave one of our previous interns a part-time work contract, and also provided him with his third year project. This was great for us as it added to our skill base, but it was also great for him as he was able to earn money whilst completing his third year.”

Peter Birkett, CEO of Southampton Science Park, commented: “These are just two examples of the many companies on the Park, utilising interns to aid their expansion and provide employment and internship opportunities for local students. These vital connections between the University of Southampton and its Science Park are of great importance to our tenant businesses.”