TFT launches product story-telling

Tue 2nd October 2012

Science Park-based TFThas blended 13 years of supply chain expertise with the latest database technology to launch its SURE Technology application. With the new EU Timber Regulation coming into force from March 2013, prohibiting illegally-harvested timber from being placed on the EU market, SURE Technology gives retailers and manufacturers the information they need, when they need it, to demonstrate that their products are from legal and responsible sources – even for complex supply chains anchored in challenging regions of the world.

Additionally, SURE Technology can use this transparency to tell shoppers the stories of the products they buy. A shopper in selected TFT member stores can scan a QR code on a product to reveal information such as its forest or place of origin, where components come from, legality details and who made the product. This transparency gives the customer real information and confidence that the product they are buying was produced responsibly.

TFT, which helps retailers and other companies operate supply chains free of deforestation, social conflict and worker exploitation, has offices in 14 countries worldwide, and field teams working in forests, farms and factories in Africa, Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam and Laos. 

TFT works with retailers and manufacturers including Nestle, B&Q, Crate & Barrel, Jones Bootmaker and Maisons Du Monde to make sure their products are sourced responsibly. TFT’s continued expansion has resulted in a need for greater space, which has seen a recent move to larger offices within the Innovation Centre. 

Newly appointed Communications Manager Claire Adam joined TFT from Substance PR, the business she founded and ran for a decade promoting green energy, social housing and regeneration and social enterprises. She says: “TFT is an incredibly inspiring organisation that really makes a difference to people’s lives. It’s a privilege to work with the team here and our colleagues out in the field to help change products for good and bring stories to life.”