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SEaB Energy collect ‘Design and Sustainability’ award

Wed 30th July 2014

The UK Science Park Association represents over 100 Science Parks and Innovation Centres across the UK, and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, with the biggest event in its history. The two-day international conference, exhibition and awards dinner had over 50 speakers delivering presentations at the milestone event and well over 500 senior representatives attended. 

Six awards were presented during the dinner, with our very own SEaB Energy winning the most successful ‘Design and Sustainability’ initiative for its anaerobic digester the Muckbuster®.

CEO of Southampton Science Park, Peter Birkett, commented: “SEaB Energy’s commitment to innovating and creating a more sustainable future is something we support wholeheartedly here at the Park. We’re thrilled that they have won this award, and are delighted to be collaborating with them on our on-site Muckbuster® project.” 

Watch the SEaB Energy video here...