1st Touch

1st Touch mobile is an enterprise mobile workforce application, ideal for field based organisations such as housing management/property maintenance organisations.

Email: info@1sttouch.com
Phone: 0871 716 3060
Website: www.1sttouch.com

81G Blue

81G provides comprehensive and fully managed ICT services, working in partnership with its clients to help them understand and meet the needs of their business and stakeholders.

Email: hello@81g.org
Phone: 0845 30 30 819
Website: www.81gblue.co.uk


aap3 are a leading, global, IT and Business Solutions Company operating in 3 areas; IT Engineering, Business Solutions and Recruitment.

Email: info@aap3.com
Phone: 0871 716 3060
Website: www.aap3.com

Aareon UK Ltd

Aareon are the leading European Housing IT Provider, with over 10 million units of stock managed on our software throughout Europe. Our position as a profitable, growing and innovative organisation enables us to set the standard for business processes in the housing sector both today and in the future. We deliver tailored enterprise-wide solutions for your every need.

As social housing in the UK becomes more complex it requires more sophisticated IT systems; comprehensive, scalable and as versatile as the tasks that you have to deal with.

Whether Aareon implement an enterprise-wide solution or optimize and customize a number of individual modules to complement your existing applications, each Aareon solution encompasses years of know-how, the experience of more than 100 implementations projects and over 50 years of social housing expertise.

Email: uk.bids@aareon.com
Phone: 02476 323723
Website: www.aareon.co.uk


AccelerComm is an exciting semiconductor IP-core start-up that offers solutions to accelerate next generation of wireless communications (4.5G & 5G). Our technology solves the bottleneck that would otherwise limit the speed of next generation wireless communication, namely the error correction decoding that is required to overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength.

Email: info@accelercomm.com
Phone: 02380 118091

Active Space Technologies

Active Space Technologies offers bespoke sensor suites for extreme harsh environments, including energy harvesting and wireless communication. Our systems are qualified for high-g, high temperature radiation environments.

Email: ricardo.patricio@activespacetech.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7437 245 332
Website: www.activespacetech.com


Airship has a wealth of knowledge with staff drawing from 15 years in the maritime sector. With a professional and logical approach they make sure they understand all their clients requirements. They pride themselves inkeeping abreast of the ever changing communications marketplace offering services from V Sat through to IT through to New Build Consultancy, so clients can be assured that what they recommend will be the very latest technology.

Email: info@airship.com
Phone: 01234 567890
Website: www.airship.com

Altitude Partners

A specialist investor in SME businesses based in Southern England. We provide capital investment and strategic support to help businesses and their management achieve their growth potential. We invest between £500,000 - £2 million in established growing businesses.

Email: enquiries1@altitudepartners.co.uk
Phone: 023 8000 2030
Website: www.altitudepartners.co.uk


A platform of medical simulation apps for smartphones, which make learning accessible, flexible and fun. Progression can be monitored with the integrated dashboard. Built by medics who understand the importance of connecting trainers and trainees, Amodisc facilitates the sharing of knowledge globally.

Email: info@amodisc.com
Phone: 07841194979
Website: www.amodisc.com


Archaeovision is a team of digital heritage specialists with extensive experience in the fields of web science, informatics, knowledge organisation, geomatic and spatial technologies. Our team consists of archaeologists and heritage professionals, all with higher qualifications in digital humanities subjects and extensive publication records; leading specialists in the field who actively contribute to sectoral standards and include members of the Society of Antiquaries of London, Charted Institute of Field Archaeologists, national and international committees and working groups, as well as thematic and local research groups.

Phone: 02380 970052
Email: info@archaeovision.eu

Arkaya Energy

Arkaya is a market leader in high performance Solar Thermodynamic System & Hot water storage solutions in both Glass Lined and Stainless steel materials throughout the UK and Ireland. The Product are able to offer open vented, unvented and thermal store solutions for domestic hot water as well as offering stainless steel, and glass lined mild steel for commercial, industrial and marine calorifiers whether in standard, bespoke or one-off format. We offers total package solutions for domestic and commercial solar and air source heat pumps thermal hot water systems.

Phone: 020 36 17 17 17
Website: www.arkaya.co.uk/

Ascend Technologies

Ascend Technologies (AT) provides the state-of-the-art in mathematical and computational modelling for solving scientific problems. One very important area of our activities is improving industrial designs and optimisation of manufacturing process. The Ascend Technologies team can provide complete solutions for industrial and research projects from an initial idea to the final product. Ascend Technologies also produces custom software with suitable interfaces, which makes the use of the developed models straightforward.

Email: nfo@ascendtechnologies.co.uk
Phone: 023 80266122
Website: www.ascendtechnologies.co.uk


Ascribe is a leading supplier of consultancy and clinically focused IT solutions in Healthcare, with customers in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand. Ascribe’s clinical systems are robust and scalable, from departmental systems through to strategic enterprise-scale solutions. In addition to developing its own solutions, Ascribe provides professional consultancy personnel for Ascribe, Microsoft and other healthcare IT systems. From Electronic Prescribing through to Paperless Clinical Management and even Pharmacy robotic interfaces, Ascribe’s breadth of integrated systems has been proven to help Trusts improve their efficiency and cut costs.

Email: salesoffice@ascribe.com
Phone: +44 (0) 8700 53 45 45
Website: www.ascribe.com

Atelier Studios

Atelier are a digital agency working with ambitious business owners and marketing managers from across the South and South Coast. Through from website design and development to cutting edge digital marketing campaigns, we help businesses to get a better return on investment from their spend on marketing and digital activity.

Email: hello@atelier-studios.com
Phone: 02380 227117
Website: www.atelierstudios.com


ATS is The Independent Solution Provider for Industrial, Process and Information Technology users world-wide. We provide products and services for all three levels of the automation pyramid; control, execution and information.

Email: martin.kelman@ats-global.com
Phone: +44 (0) 2380 111 790
Website: www.ats-global.com


AutonoMe enables adults with Learning Disabilities to scan house hold items with a smart device and it plays a video of how to use. AutonoMe have the worlds largest library of instructional videos to improve peoples independence in the home for Care providers. AutonoMe tracks and stores live analytical data demonstrating efficiency and financial savings and improving the quality of care delivered.

Email: info@autono.me.uk
Phone: 0117 205 0654
Website: autono.me.uk


Avonglen offers business advice and financial management services to growing enterprises, through finance director or non-executive director level support or through full finance function outsourcing. It also provides business planning, cash flow forecasting, financial management, receivables monitoring and credit control, along with the ability to support fundraising using its close links with banks and venture capitalists.

Email: enquiries@Avonglen.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 8076 2570
Website: www.avonglen.com

BeTomorrow UK

SeeTomorrow helps companies get a better insight into the condition and/or performance of their assets, by providing end-to-end drone survey and inspection services that leverage the latest AI tools and techniques to make them more efficient, effective and immediate. Our services capture data with increased speed, accuracy, resolution and repeatability; and reduced cost and risk to life – and then extract more and more valuable insight from this data, working alongside human experts.

Email: john.mckenna@betomorrow.com
Phone: +44 7990 588 338
Website: www.betomorrow.com

Black Spider Consulting

Black Spider Consulting are specialists in Cyber Security.  We offer services which include:

  • Assurance – IASME and Cyber Essentials certification, ISO 27001 / HMG / regulatory policy compliance
  • Security Architecture – Solution design, implementation of security controls
  • Security Testing – Vulnerability scanning, web application testing
  • Security Monitoring – Implementation of monitoring tools; managed security monitoring and response services

Email: chris@blackspiderconsulting.co.uk
Phone: (023) 8220 5707
Website: www.blackspiderconsulting.co.uk


BluPoint, provides a physical access point to enable people in off-grid low resources communities to both access free digital materials on their mobile phones and create/share their own digital content within their communities.


Email: mike@blupoint.org
Phone: 07920002003 / 02380 970 209
Website: www.blupoint.org


BluTek provides state-of-the-art property development management solutions and project management solutions, in addition to bespoke software development. BluTek personnel possess software development, IT consultancy, process automation, business integration, and ecommerce experience.

Email: enquiries@blutek.co.uk
Phone: 01590 622356
Website: www.blutek.co.uk

Building Engineering Management Ltd.

BEManagement: strategy, management and audit for the design and procurement of building engineering services.

Email: m.dorgan@bemanagement.co.uk
Phone: 07876350529

Care Quest

Care Quest is a unique online service that matches patients with care providers based on their services, location and availability.

Care Quest’s bespoke system was set up as a direct response to the growing issue of patient care. We felt there needed to be an easier, more effective way to deliver care services.

As a result we created a system that would allow all care-related providers (including home care, care homes and hospitals) to benefit from a cohesive dashboard that matched patients with the care they need. This allows for a more person-centred approach that guides the public in finding a suitable care package, and for the hospital discharge teams to source appropriate and available care for their patients

Email: ndobson@care-quest.co.uk
Phone: 07969 003430
Website: www.care-quest.co.uk


Cascoda is a leading semiconductor IP and design services provider, offering end-to-end expertise in the design of high speed low power semiconductor devices. We are experienced in all stages of ASIC design and development, from initial concept to full custom layout, verification and foundry sign-off.

Email: info@cascoda.com
Phone: +44 (0)2380 111797
Website: www.cascoda.com

Chilworth Partnership

The Chilworth Partnership is a niche executive recruitment business launched in 2010. Uniquely for our geographic location, our focus is solely on senior Financial, IT and Executive appointments on an interim and permanent basis. We offer you over 75 years of experience in delivering effective solutions to clients from SME’s to Blue Chip organisations. Our success is attributable to recognising that recruitment is a relationship rather than a transactional business.

Email: lynne@chilworthpartnership.co.uk
Phone: 023 8011 1813
Website: www.chilworthpartnership.co.uk

Chilworth Technology Ltd.

Chilworth Technology Ltd brings together leading expert consultants in the field of process safety with GLP compliant laboratories to provide a single point of contact for your process safety needs.

Email: info@chilworth.co.uk
Phone: 023 8076 0722
Website: www.chilworth.co.uk/

Chinese Technical Translations Ltd

Chinese Technical Translations Ltd provides high quality translation and localisation services between Chinese and English. We offer expert language solutions for companies doing business in Chinese markets or working with Chinese partners. Our highly qualified professional translators have industry-specific knowledge, ensuring that we offer exceptional levels of quality along with a customer-centred approach. We offer a wide range of translation, proofreading and editing services with particular focus on the areas of science, technology and medicine.

Email: info@chinesetechnical.co.uk
Phone: 02381 786550
Website: www.chinesetechnical.co.uk/


Website: www.cloudbees.com


CobaltOtter are specialists in simulation, traffic engineering and interesting things. They aim to bring academic research into new, practical and commercial uses. They seek interesting challenges which allow them to cut across disciplines to develop original and useful projects. Using new techniques such as virtual reality, purpose-built software and simulation, they seek to drive forward practice in the transport engineering field by developing tools which will enable them to deal with 21st Century problems.

Email: chris@cobaltotter.com
Website: www.cobaltotter.com


CRITICAL Software provides systems, software and data engineering services for safety, mission and business-critical applications, helping to ensure clients meet the most demanding quality standards for safety, performance and reliability. Its data engineering products and services also provide clients with the information they need to manage their important assets, helping them to achieve better business performance.

Email: xxx@criticalsoftware.co.uk
Phone: 0845 685 5160 (inside UK) +44 (0)23 8011 1339 (out
Website: www.critical-software.co.uk/


Dynamon is a university spinout company which recommends tailored fuel saving methods for the transportation industry. The company was founded by Angus Webb, a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. The business has developed two analytics products which use software directly linked to vehicle telematics data.

Email: info@dynamon.co.uk

EchoVista GMBH

Email: p.trevett@echovista.co.uk
Phone: 023 8011 9675

Englyst Carbohydrates Ltd

Englyst Carbohydrates provide analytical services through a nutrition led, chemically based characterisation and measurement of dietary carbohydrates. This approach, which has found various industry and academic applications, includes methodology developed to describe rate of starch digestion as Rapidly and Slowly Digestible Starch fractions. Detailed measures are also provided for Non-Starch Polysaccharides, Resistant Starch and various Resistant Oligosaccharides, which are the carbohydrates that resist digestion in the small intestine.

Email: enquiries@englyst.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)23 80769650

Fibercore Ltd

Fibercore Ltd is one of the World’s leading suppliers of Specialty Singlemode Fibers and has exclusively dedicated almost three decades to the design, manufacture and commercialization of Polarization Maintaining, Bend-Insensitive, Rare-Earth Doped, Cladding-pump and Photosensitive fibers.

Email: info@fibercore.com
Phone: 023 8076 9893
Website: www.fibercore.com

Fidelity Technologies Ltd.

Fidelity has cross-functional expertise in various disciplines of medical science and engineering enabling us to develop intelligent wireless, multi-parameter, in vivo and wearable biosensors, for monitoring, control, data collection and analyse of biophysical parameters and vital signs in the human body.

Email: enquiries@vivoplex.com
Phone: 02380 111 555
Website: www.fidelitytechnologies.com


Filament is a boutique consulting services firm specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The team of AI specialists is drawn from IBM Watson, Capgemini, top academia, and a leading digital agency. Over the past 14 months, Filament has delivered AI services and chatbot projects for clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Accenture, American Express, Addleshaw Goddard and HSBC.

Email: andy.feltham@filament.uk.com
Phone: +44 203 176 1267 
Website: www.filament.uk.com

Fox Whitfield

Fox Whitfield is a law firm specialising in Employment Law. We advise on a full range of employment issues such as employment tribunal claims, discrimination, redundancy programmes, team moves, bonus disputes, restructuring, severance and compromise agreements, employment contracts, and the employment aspects of M & A and business transfers. All our solicitors have been qualified for over 5 years. We are able provide the same high quality professional service as a large city firm but due to the way we are structured we can do this at a substantially reduced cost.

Email: andrewb@foxwhitfield.com
Phone: 023 8000 1037
Website: www.foxwhitfield.com

Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance specializes in digital marketing technology and was founded in 2011 by two digital marketing experts. We use data analysis and the latest cloud technologies to provide triggered messaging for eCommerce websites. Our system will automatically send triggered messages to your customers at the right time to encourage them to buy.

We make it easy and affordable to use advanced marketing techniques such as basket abandonment emails, welcome email programmes and real-time decision engines

Email: hello@freshrelevance.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 8011 9750
Website: https://www.freshrelevance.com/

Grant Thornton UK LLP

Grant Thornton believes that today's world is all about connecting across businesses and industries, between public and private.  Working with dynamic growing businesses is in their DNA. They provide advice to more than 40,000 dynamic organisations across the public and private sector.

Email: gtsouthampton@uk.gt.com
Phone: 02380 381156
Website: www.grantthornton.co.uk

Gresham Tech

Gresham's award-winning Clareti software platform has been designed to provide financial institutions with complete certainty in their data processing. Clareti is a highly flexible and fully scalable platform for assuring enterprise data integrity and is designed to address today's most challenging financial control, internal risk management, data governance and regulatory compliance problems. Gresham's portfolio of applications based on the Clareti platform, including Clareti Transaction Control (CTC), Clareti Accounts Receivable Management (Clareti ARM), Clareti Loan Control (CLC) and Clareti 24 Integration Objects (C24 IO), provide innovative industry specific solutions for real-time data management.

Gresham Technologies plc is a leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time transaction control and enterprise data integrity solutions. Listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange (GHT.L) and headquartered in the City of London, customers include some of the world's largest financial institutions, all of whom are served locally from offices located in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Email: info@greshamtech.com
Phone: 020 7653 0200
Website: www.greshamtech.com

Horizon Power & Energy Ltd.

Horizon Power and Energy is an independent professional energy services business, based in Hampshire in the UK. We are primarily focussed on delivering bespoke energy and low carbon solutions for large corporations, the public sector, developers, investors and land owners.

Email: enquiries@horizon-pe.com
Phone: +44 (0) 1962 217007
Website: www.horizonpowerandenergy.com


Humaware specialise in the support and development of customised tools for condition monitoring. Our specialised tools are used by civil and military organisations in both Europe and the US to extract the maximum return on investment from their condition monitoring technology by resolving the lean/agile dilemma for aerospace maintenance networks. The tools are used to develop a prognostics capability for mechanical power trains using data from Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems.

Email: info@humaware.com
Phone: +44 (0)1730 269725
Website: www.humaware.com


Innovative assay solutions - Our mission is to combine an understanding of applications with specialized instrumentation and services coupled together with results in improved assay accuracy and precision, whilst reducing highly repetitious and tedious manual workflows.

Email: info@hyperteknologies.com
Phone: +44 23 92 16 06 94
Website: www.hyperteknologies.com

i2O Water Ltd

i2O provides a suite of smart network solutions to help water utilities respond to the challenges created by increasing and urbanising population, more extreme weather events, old and ageing infrastructure, an ageing workforce, more demanding and more vocal customers, and a lack of appetite for increasing bills.The business benefits achieved by i2O’s clients include 20-40% reductions in leakage, bursts, operational costs and energy bills, more than 5 years added to asset life, improved customer service, and a return on investment within 12 months.

Email: info@i2owater.com
Phone: +44 (0) 2380 111 420
Website: www.i2owater.com/

Ilika Technologies Ltd

Ilika specialises in the development and application of high throughput, combinatorial R&D techniques for the discovery of new materials. We offer research collaborations and material licences to customers interested in the accelerated creation, screening and characterization of new and novel materials.

Email: info@ilika.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 8011 1400
Website: www.ilika.com

iMeta Technologies

Founded in 2000, iMeta delivers a complete end-to-end solution for client on-boarding and entity data management through its Assassin Platform.

Aimed at financial institutions; Assassin provides a comprehensive on-boarding process that is “ready to trade and is capable of managing the complex regulatory and operational data requirements of capital market organisations. Offering a single view of the whole client lifecycle, it supports compliance with regulations covering AML, FATCA, MiFID, DFA and EMIR.

The full suite consists of: Assassin KYC, Assassin Credit & Legal and Assassin SSI.

Email: enquiries@imeta.com
Phone: 0845 241 4145
Website: www.imeta.com

India Business Group (IBG)

The India Business Group (IBG) is a leading independent consultancy based in the UK.  We provide expertise, connections and cultural awareness to support organisations with international deal-making and business advisory services. 

Over the past decade, we have worked with a range of organisations in their quest to develop in-bound and out-bound opportunities between the UK and India markets. 

Email: a.singh@theindiabusinessgroup.com
Phone: 0844 313 3133
Website: www.theindiabusinessgroup.com/


Inflowmatix is a spin-out company from the InfraSense Labs at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Imperial College London. Inflowmatix builds upon the unique cross-disciplinary expertise from sensing to advanced modelling and optimization and the active research collaborations with water utilities and IT system integrators.

Email: info@inflowmatix.com
Phone: 07801 715636
Website: www.inflowmatix.com


Founded in 2000, ITDev provides software and electronic engineering design services across many markets.

Working as a multi-disciplinary team we provide high-quality solutions from low level embedded software to desktop applications and FPGA design. We have a varied client base from start-ups to multi-nationals, with both local (including the Science Park) and international presence.

The chances are, you have experienced the results of some of our projects yourself. It could be through our contributions to the Android operating system, or you may have watched television channels that were delivered using broadcast equipment that we helped to develop and support.

Email: info@itdev.co.uk
Phone: (+44)(0)23 8098 8890
Website: www.itdev.co.uk


Jacobs, with global annual revenues of nearly $11 billion, is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional, and construction services. Building strong, long-term relationships with our clients is the key to our success as a company.

Email: contactus@jacobs.com
Phone: 02380 111 250
Website: www.jacobs.com/

Karoo Design Ltd

Karoo provides design and advertising services to clients across a wide range of sectors. We work quickly and cost effectively to provide you with: advertising, design for print & literature, brochures, leaflets & inserts, corporate identity, exhibition stands, websites, copywriting, illustration & photography.

Email: info@karoodesign.com
Phone: 02380 111 586
Website: www.karoodesign.com

Kelda Technology

Kelda Technology is the pioneer of water-in-air shower products that halve water usage and water heating costs
through our unique, patented shower technology. Our vision is to create shower products that make water usage better for everyone, everywhere - for businesses with high-volume water requirements, for consumers demanding an improved eco shower experience and for those around the world in water-scarce and water-stressed regions, where every drop counts.

Phone: +44 (0)333 433 0783
Website: www.keldatechnology.com

Korusys Ltd

Korusys Ltd is a leading Electronics Design Consultancy specializing in FPGA, digital ASIC development and PCB schematic design. We are experts in all aspects of network synchronization including IEEE1588 (PTP) and NTP systems.

Korusys is a member of the SETsquared business acceleration partnership and an Altera Design Partner.

Email: enquiries@korusys.com
Phone: +44(0)844 504 1680
Website: www.korusys.com


Lumensity offer advanced fibre optic technologies for a variety of end use applications.

Email: Mike.Fake@Lumenisity.com
Phone: (02380) 111801

Makara Health

Makara Health is a director-led healthcare communications agency delivering projects and programmes for our clients where a positive change is the goal.  Makara Health started from a desire to do things differently, to work as a senior team more closely with our clients, and to utilise the science of human psychology coupled with the art of effective communication to create better outcomes.

Email: louise@makarahealth.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 81 157 885
Website: www.makarahealth.com


We are a long-established contract research organisation that offers a versatile and quality service for the evaluation of agrochemicals and biocides.

Email: info@mambo-tox.co.uk
Phone: +44 23 8076 2580
Website: www.mambo-tox.co.uk

Marine South East Ltd

Marine South East is a business-led consortium developed to address the needs of the marine sector in the South East region. It was created to tackle the critical issues affecting marine businesses in the region and support the economic development of the marine sector in the South East.

Email: admin@marinesoutheast.co.uk
Phone: 02380 111 590
Website: www.marinesoutheast.co.uk

Materialise UK Southampton

Developers of orthopaedic planning software.

Email: info@orthoview.com
Phone: +44 2380 762500
Website: www.orthoview.com

Meda Technologies

We are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with their user experience, marketing and growth hacking; along with personal branding for those ambitious few. And that's just for fun! We actually build SaaS products in the ecommerce, design and user experience space. Come and say hello and tell us what you do.

Email: martin.adams@meda.co.uk
Phone: +442032878744
Website: www.meda.co.uk

Merck Chemicals

Merck are a life sciences organization which creates innovative solutions for research, development and production worldwide. They are a top tier supplier of tools and technologies to the life sciences industry.

Email: reception.chilworth@merckgroup.com
Phone: 02380 763 300
Website: www.merck-chemicals.co.uk/

Meridian Technique Ltd

Developers of orthopaedic planning software.

Email: info@orthoview.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 80 762500
Website: www.orthoview.com


MicroGEM International PLC unleashes the power of DNA to solve critical health and safety issues. Under the well-known ZyGEM brand name, MicroGEM products provide accurate and expedient DNA extraction solutions for forensic, agricultural and biotech applications.

Human identification and crime scene analysis, disease detection in plants and crops, and life science research are a few examples of pressing issues being addressed by ZyGEM technologies. Our scientists use unique thermophilic bacteria and Antarctic fungi to create novel chemistries. When paired with our expertise in automated microfluidic instrumentation, we provide significantly increased speed, yield and accuracy of the analytic process.

Our flagship instruments, the PDQeX 2400 and phytoGEM Plant System, are rapid, robust DNA extraction devices achieving PCR, plant and human profile-ready DNA in under twenty minutes.

MicroGEM International PLC is based in the United Kingdom with diversified operations in New Zealand, the United States and China.

Email: info@microgemplc.com
Website: www.zygem.com

Multiple Access Communications

Multiple Access Communications (MAC) Ltd is a privately owned, independent wireless technology company offering consultancy and design services to the mobile communications industry, public safety and other Government and non-Government organisations.

Email: enquiries@macltd.com
Phone: +44 23 8076 7808
Website: www.macltd.com


The University of Southampton is home to the NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre - NETSCC - which was established in April 2008.

Email: netscomms@nihr.ac.uk
Phone: 023 80595586
Website: www.nihr.ac.uk/

Nine23 Ltd.

Nine23 take today’s technology and make it secure & useable as part of a managed solution.  They deliver complete mobile solutions using their Managed Mobility as a Service (MMaaS) product and work with any sector that has a regulatory or compliance requirement for the use of mobile systems and communications, e.g. Defence, Police, Government & Commercial.  Nine23 are frontline users who love technology and what it can do.

Email: enquiries@nine23.co.uk
Phone: 023 8202 0300
Website: www.nine23.co.uk


NquiringMinds Ltd provides technical and strategic consultancy to the mobile and internet industries. We offer competitive advantage to companies where mobile products and services, security and the internet collide.

Email: info@nquiringminds.com
Phone: +44 (0) 2381 159 585
Website: www.nquiringminds.com

Oat Services

Oat Services Ltd is a research, development and marketing company specialising in advancing oat technology. We focus on developing market applications for the cereal crop oats (Avena sativa) and have established these ingredients in the advanced foods, latex glove and beauty and personal care industries, the latter through our own Oat ® Cosmetics brand.

Email: ar@oat.co.uk
Phone: 02380 767 228
Website: www.oat.co.uk

One Pension Consultancy LLP

One Pension Consultancy is an Independent Financial Advisory firm that offers you a gateway to honest, unambiguous advice to ensure the right pension and life plan solutions for you and your organisation.

Email: Duncan.Revolta@onepc.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)23 8076 2590
Website: www.onepc.co.uk


Developers of orthopaedic planning software.

Email: info@orthoview.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 80 762500
Website: www.orthoview.com

oXya UK

Head-quartered in Paris, oXya is a leading provider of SAP hosting solutions and technical services, helping midsize and global organizations increase the efficiency, flexibility and reliability of their SAP infrastructure and support operations. oXya provides outsourcing to more than 150 clients across all industries, including manufacturing, retail, chemicals, government, energy, transportation and high-tech.

Phone: +44 2380 119830
Website: www.oxya.com

Parabola Research Limited

With a wealth of experience with customers worldwide, Parabola’s consultants can give your project a boost towards market. We have unrivalled experience in real-world video codec implementation. Equally we are happy to apply our skills and technology assets in related fields. Video codec implementation and optimization; Data visualization and analysis tools; Patent draft, review and analysis; Bespoke software development; Algorithmic research

Email: contact@parabolaresearch.com
Phone: +44 23 8098 7240
Website: www.parabolaresearch.com


Perpetuum provides global leadership in vibration energy harvesting and a ready source of information for all those interested in the practical application of this successful technology. Perpetuum will continue to lead industry toward realizing the full potential of vibration energy harvesting in sensing and low power wireless communications.

Email: info@perpetuum.com
Phone: +44 (0)23 8076 5888
Website: www.perpetuum.com

Peter Hall

Business and Insolvency Advice

Email: peter@peterhall.org.uk
Phone: 023 8011 1366
Website: www.peterhall.org.uk

Photonics & Analytics Limited

Photonics & Analytics Limited is a UK based specialist provider of spectral imaging & optical solutions. We develop and supply leading edge spectroscopic, hyperspectral & Raman hardware & software technologies for the analysis & monitoring of liquids, materials and landscapes.

Email: info@photonics-analytics.com
Phone: +44 (0) 2380 002087
Website: www.photonics-analytics.com


Pivotal transforms how the world builds software. Pivotal combines the Silicon Valley state of mind, modern approach, and infrastructure with organizations’ core expertise and values. We enable the leading companies in the world to innovate by employing an approach focused on building software.

Website: https://pivotal.io

Pplus Products

Pplus Skin Care Limited is a UK-registered company founded in 2014 by Dr Mitra Najafi (MD), a multi award winning cosmetic clinician who has spent several years on R&D and developed the first prototype of Pplus products which provide pain free, none-invasive and more affordable application of PRP replacing the injectable version which is currently used. An innovative product tailor made and unique for every individual using their own blood plasma.

Email: mitra@pplusproducts.co.uk
Phone: 07713 057328
Website: www.pplusproducts.co.uk

Promega UK Ltd

Promega is a world leading innovator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for life science and drug discovery research, with a solid reputation for expert technical support. Over 2,500 catalogue products and a portfolio of custom and OEM solutions, enable scientists to advance their knowledge in cellular analysis, proteomics, genomics and forensics, promoting an increased understanding of the molecular basis of life, the potential mechanisms of disease, and help advance drug development.


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PSL Associates

Vice President IMechE, Chartered Engineer and Entrepreneur, MD/Co-Founder Plant Asset Management & ATL, Voice of Entrepreneurial Engineers.

Geoff Baker is an entrepreneur and engineer with a distinguished international career. He now works independently to establish and advise engineering and high-tech businesses at all stages of their development, while continuing to support the advancement of the engineering profession.

Phone: +44 7785 226 556
Website: www.entrepreneurialengineers.com Twitter: @EntEngineers

PT Solutions

PT Solutions is a highly responsive IT services, consultancy and support business with particular expertise in creating virtual IT environments through server, desktop and application virtualisation. Based in Southampton but with clients throughout the UK, we work with your team, first to identify your specific business requirements then to provide IT solutions that improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and give your business a competitive edge.

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Pulsar RND

Pulsar R&D Ltd have extensive experience of innovation and research and development activities in the Orthopaedic sector. We are passionate about improving long term health and well-being by supporting the introduction to the market of safe, patient centred solutions that answer the needs of modern society.

As holder of one of 15 of Innovate UK’s In_Focus Women in Innovation awards, we are developing a low cost, video-based method for assessing the way people move, with the aim of avoiding musculoskeletal problems for them in later life.

Email: anne.roques@pulsar-rnd.com, info@pulsar-rnd.com
Phone: 02380 002510


Renovos is capitalising on the decades of world-class orthopaedic research from the University of Southampton, and offers the wider orthopaedic research community new tools to generate the next generation of medicines, combating the global ageing population. Serving universities, biotech and pharma, these tools include high-value human stem cells, disruptive new assay platforms and a rapid and high-throughput service to screen new drug compounds. In addition, we are developing a proprietary drug delivery technology based on synthetic nanoclays which has the potential to revolutionise bone healing.

Email: enquiries@renovos.co.uk
Website: www.renovos.co.uk